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Home ProjectsH & M Shanghai Office

H & M Shanghai Office project of Sheenly lighting company

Date Announced: 25 Jul 2011

Shanghai, China – H&M new office in Shanghai has installed high light efficacy LED Down light and T8 lights. The installation has covered 10 office rooms, 2 lounges and 2 meeting rooms. The light solution is absolutely comfortable for staffs working in the office. The stylish light design suits the modern day office environment.

It is a relatively small project of SHEENLY, but with SHEENLY profession, treats every customer same with full attention, 100% focus and best service attitude. Every single customer's satisfaction is important to SHEENLY.

"We can not guarantee you that our products are cheapest, but we can guarantee that our products are best quality" said by MR Bi CEO of SHEENLY lighting company.

The whole installation from design to finish takes 5 working days. The hardest part is how to make the design looks more elegant. But with cooperation of SHEENLY down light and wide beam light, the problem been easily resolved.

Lights used in this project:
12w, 24w, 36w Anti-glare V-series down light * 200
Wide Beam W-series down light * 100
1.2m T8 light * 80

'Nothing surprises me, but everything just perfect as I expected' manager WANG commended.' I like the elegant atmosphere generate by these lights, they make our company looks more professional'